Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I decided to borrow my sisters camera so I could make sure I got to take pictures of Brody on the day he turned 4 months (which is today!!!!!) and I also wanted ot take some pictures of the new addition to our family, COCO!!!!!! Of course I didn't really want a dog at first but Timmy really wanted a puppy and he wanted to get it while Brody was young so he could grow up with it, now I really do like her! Oh and of coruse she follows me around constantly, anywhere I go she is under my feet. She is a erally good dog and she stays right on our front porch and never goes off. She knew she needed to be a good dog or I could have gotten rid of her!!

Brody is 4 months old today, where does the time go? I know I say that every month but it is so true!!! I will be doing his 4 month post a little later today!

We have been looking at cameras and I have no clue what I want, anyeone give me some good tips or some good cameras????


Shannon said...

dear heavens..I want your dog!!!!!!!! haha...absolutely precious. As if your family couldn't get any adorable, you bring along this precious addition ;)

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! She is so cute! I love her blue eyes! As far as the camera goes, let me know what you end up getting. I'm kinda wanting a new one too. I think I really want a Cannon D40 or D60. I have a Kodak--I'm not sure what it's called though. I actually really like it, but it's a little slow. I want a faster one so I can snap several pics in a row of Riley. Now that he NEVER quits moving it's hard to get any of him! haha Good luck!

The Neipling's~Chad, Stephanie and Graham said...

Happy 4 Months to Brody!!! It goes by wayyy too fast! and Coco is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a gorgeous dog!!

Liana said...

such a cute puppy!!!