Friday, June 20, 2008

I am pregnant!

I am not very good at these blog things some time, but I thought I would make this blog so I could share my pregnancy with all of my family and friends and keep them updated on the exciting life of "Baby Roland." So if you have found yourself here... My first pregnancy begins!!!!

Now let me tell you, I may post some things on here that may be a little too much information and please forgive me, but I want to include you all on every little step of the way:)

Let me start at the beginning....

Sunday May 25th, we had just came home from Mt. Sterling after a long hard week. I was late and I thought it was stress and Timmy told me to take a test and I did and I looked at it real quick and said "I'm not pregnant, its negative." Then Timmy takes it and says "What does it show when pregnant, because I see a positive sign." I quickly grabbed and said "WHHHAAT." Needless to say, I was shocked but soooo very excited!!! Timmy wanted to tell everyone right away, so I let him. Everyone was very excited. I made Timmy tell mom and dad, although I was right there he is the one who said it. They were more excited than we were. As for my sisters..... they all reacted differently.. Tisha freaked out, screaming for joy on the phone, and was soo excited. Les was excited and said she wasn't surprised and Lin freaked out and said she couldn't believe it. Oh and for Titus, he is excited he said he wants a niece since he already has two nephews.

I had my first DR. appointment on Tuesday nay 27th, and they did a pregnancy test just to confirm that I really was pregnant.

I went back tot he doctor two times for Ultrasounds just to make sure everything was fine. The first ultrasound, they couldn't find the baby but they did see my sac and yolk and said everything was fine, I was just too early to tell. So last Friday I had another ultrasound and they saw the baby and we heard the heartbeat!!!! I got my first little ultrasound pictures and it looks like a little "Blob." It is a very cute little blob:)

My due date is February 2, 2008. I was thinking to myself.. I don't know anyone with a birthday in February (sorry if any of you are February birthdays, please forgive me.)

They already schedule my ultrasound appointment to find out the sex of the baby on September 15th.

So far, I have been feeling pretty good. I will say I am nauseous ALOT!!! It's not just morning sickness, I actually get it worse at night and it is not fun!! I hope I don't gain alot of weight but I think it will be hard when the only thing that makes me feel better is eating something. Oh well, can't worry about that now. Just starting the past 2 days, I have been extremely tired. I could sleep all day, but then I don't sleep well at night. Timmy just laughs at me he says "Lea you are only 7 weeks pregnant and you are acting like your 7 months." My dad goes on to tell him, "Timmy they are the sickest the first few months of their pregnancy." Of course my dad would take my side:)

So here you have it.... Lea Liz is pregnant... and yes I know we move fast. I will try and keep you all updated with posts and pictures as I continue to grow as a big as a house:)

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