Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy 1 Year Anniversary..... and 2 weeks!!

Happy One Year Anniversary to my Husband and I!!!!!!! Time sure does fly by!!! We have had a wonderful first year of marriage with a lot of changes good and bad and a wonderful blessing... Brody Luke. Happy Anniversary to us and many more to come!!!

Today Brody Luke is 2 weeks old!! Well at 8:59 pm he will offically be 2 weeks old! He is doing fantastic and just so precious! I can already tell that he is growing, yet he is still so small. I put him in a Newborn outfit yesterday (5-8lbs) and it was still too big for him!!! I found out today that he loves his swing! We are so blessed!!! We took Brody to church yesterday for the first time and he did great!!
Brody in his Church outfit

Brody-- 2 weeks old

Brody loves his swing!!


Robin said... the argyle sweater vest! So cute...and Happy Anniversary! Hope you guys get a night out!

jenkins_k08 said...

lea you make my heart smile! you have a beautiful gift from God. he is soo precious. & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! i remember sitting in the back at your wedding and bawling my eyes out :( lol and mine is next week!! haha

Emily said...

ahh! happy anniversary!
Happy 2 week bday brody! so presh!

Hollie said...

brody is absolutely adorable! i know you are so very proud!

his nursery is so cute. love the colors and decor! ya'll did such a great job!

happy anniversary!

Lindsey said...

Awww happy anniversary!

AmyT said...

happy annie!!! I love that name Brody...he is a cutie!

Midwest Prep said...

so cute and so tiny!!!

Suzi said...

Brody is SO adorable! my best friend's little boy is named Brody too, so I am a little biased toward the name. He is amazing! Happy anniversary!