Sunday, February 15, 2009

6 weeks old!!!!!!

Good Morning! Brody Luke is 6 weeks old today! Once again another week has gone by and he is a week older and I cannot believe it, please don't grow up too fast!!!!!!! We are up playing this morning, he is sitting in his boppy bouncy seat right now just staring at me and looking around. We had a really good night last night, he woke up two times and then we got up at 7 this morning. I love nights like last night!!
Not a lot is changing with Brody just yet, but I know it soon will. He is still sleeping a lot but wakes up several times throughout the day and I can tell he is being more aware. I just love when he is awake and I can see his pretty big blue eyes!! I have found something Brody just loves and so do I. I recommend that every mother has one, a Baby Bjorn front Carrier!! It is wonderful! I just put it on and put Brody in it.. I did it the other day so I could clean and he loved it and it makes him fall asleep. I also took it when we went grocery shopping so I wouldn't have to lug out the big stroller, so much easier! Any mother with a newborn or mother to be.. YOU NEED ONE!!!!
We had a few pretty warmer days last week, so I bundled Brody up in his stroller and took him on a walk so he could get some fresh air.. I hope he liked it, he was asleep the whole time!
Of course here are some pictures of the love of my life!!!


Robin said...

aw...he's getting bigger. love the bear outfit. how's the sleep coming?

Lindsey said...

He is just the cutest!!!

Suzi said...

he is SO adorable! We got the baby bjorn as a christmas present so I will be sure to break it out!

Emily said...

ahhh lea! he is soo stinking cute.. im in love;)
Love him!! I also love the valentines day picture.. too cute!

Abbi said...

yay!! 6 weeks!! he's beautiful!

jenkins_k08 said...

LOOK AT YOU BIG PRECIOUS BRODY! AHHH i really do need to come and see you!! when is a good time for you. call me! love you