Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2 month check up!

We just got home from Brody's 2 month check up!!! He checked out great! The doctor said everything looked good and he seemed to be very healthy. He said his umbilical hernia wasn't as bad as it looks and that the hole should close up by the time he is 1 -2 years old and that it is nothing to worry about. He had 3 shots in his leg and he just cried for a second and as soon as I picked him up and kissed him he stopped crying and fell asleep. He is now sound asleep.. I'm going to go rock him and baby him all day after those shots.. as if I don't baby him everyday:)

His stats today were:
Weight: 11lb & 11oz
Length: 22 1/4
Head: 15 1/4


Misty Rice-Baniewicz said...

These pictures bring back so many memories to me. I have pictures of Morgan laying like that, where I took pictures of her first band-aid also.

Oh and she also had the hernia and it went away on its own in a short few weeks. My doctors said to not worry about it, you can't hurt it unless you REALLY, REALLY poke at it and its not painful to the little guy. It just looks like a weird outtie or a bit. LOL

He is precious and happy to hear all is good and healthy.

Suzette said...

Oh I am glad that everything went so well.. He looks to be the perfect size! look at those cute little thighs!!!

KLC said...

aww poor guy, so many shots! What a cutie :)

Emily said...

well isnt he just the cutest 2 month old.. he looked adorable going to the dr! yeah for a great dr apt!

Robin said...

the shots are heartbreaking at first aren't they? glad he's doing well. :)

Majal said...

aww! brody is so good!!! i'm so glad his shots went well and that the hernia is nothing to worry about! can't wait to see you guys soon!