Thursday, March 12, 2009

A present!

So I used to have to sit in one spot in my living room with my laptop that would barely turn on. I had gotten it when I first when to college in "05". You had to keep it plugged in to the power source or it would turn off, it wouldn't even let me upload my pictures from my camera to it.. lucky we live by my parents and I can use their computer to do things alot faster!! We do have a desktop but it is totally ate up with a virus and won't even turn on...soooo.. Me and the hubby and Brody went to Best Buy last night and walked out with this..

I can not even begin to tell you how wonderful it is!! I can go anywhere in the house with it, it's so fast I actually have time to check my e-mail while Brody naps, I love it!! Thanks Timmy!!!


The Pettijohn's said...

Hi!!! So glad you found us :) LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!

your baby boy is TOO cute for words!! It makes me so EXCITED to meet our little Hudson!!

We were just talking yesterday about buying a laptop!! I've got my eye out for any good deals!

I'll add you to our list! Happy Thursday!!

Lindsey said...


The Gardners said...

That's great!!! More time for blogging!

Emily said...

yeah:)) Love new computeres.. esp laptops.. i want one badly.. we have a desktop at home but a laptop is easy to tote around.. love the pics of brody after church! so stinking cute and soo happy!

Brittney said...

I think some of the best presents are the ones you buy for yourself! We need a new computer SO bad.

No rash yet! This pregnancy has been SO much easier because of it! I'm so close now that if it did happen I think the would go ahead and just do a c-section.

Suzette said...

How nice! There is something just so wonderful about getting a new computer! Mine is about a year old and I have SOOO much stuff saved on it that it is beginning to slow down!

* I just saw Brittney's comment and I remembered you saying that you broke out in a rash at the end of your pregnancy. I'm not really sure if I would call it a rash, but my stomach actually has this spot that looks like I took a scowering (sp??) brush to it and it started bleeding while I was in the tub! I'll have to ask my dr when I go back, but at this point I HATE calling them with every little thing.. Just curious if that sounded like anything you were familiar with.. *You can reply by email if you would rather -