Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Like my papaw

We have had a great weekend, didn't do a whole lot but had a good weekend. I do hate that it was really cold this weekend, come on spring weather, please!!

We went yesterday with my dad, sister, and brother (my mom was sick) to Lowe's and to eat and then had some friends over to visit. Then today we went to church and out for Mexican and then Me and Brody came home and went back to the bedroom to watch a movie. Timmy was all about the ballgames in the living room. I finally got to watch Fireproof and I loved it!!! If you haven't watched it yet, you need to!! I told Timmy he has to watch it with me now.
I am excited for my cousin Kelley tomorrow.
She is going in for a c-section at 10:00 to have her little baby girl, Daisy. This is her second child! Pray that everything goes well with her and little miss Daisy! It's about time this family gets a little girl!!

My dad has this thing, VESTS. He loves sweater vests, puffy vests, fleece vests, any kind of vests. While I was pregnant I think we may have been in Meijer and Timmy and my dad came back with a little vest for Brody just like my dad wears. I broke it out and put it on him yesterday and dad walked in and look what he was wearing?



Look at him just smiling away! howww precious :) yes kelsey said i think i saw your friend lea. and i was like really!! lol. yea we should totally meet up! i start my job next monday, so maybe sometime this week you can come up and see my house lol. i'll clean it for you and everything. i love you!!!!

Kate said...

These photos are so so cute! They both look so happy!