Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful Weather!

So some weeks it may seem like I make a post everyday, that is what I like to do but I have a big problem with windstream!!!! Our connection is dropped so much remember a couple weeks ago when i was complaining? Well they came out and fixed it but it is doing it again!! Hopefully I will be able to finish this post before it drops again, it is so aggravating!! So that is why I haven't blogged lately because 95% of the time when I sit down to get on the connection is dropped or lost..

Anyways we have had beautiful weather here in KY this week, it already feels like summer!!! On Saturday we went car shopping, I have no idea what I want, I just want more room. Well I know I want an SUV I just don't know what one. So we went and looked and got some prices , I'm just still going to keep looking. Anyone who drives an SUV, what kind do you have, give me the pros and cons it may help in my search!

We also added a new addition to our family, a little puppy. An Australian Shepard and she is adorable. She is spotted and has blue eyes. My husband wanted her, he named her cocoa, but of course every time I step outside she is on my feet, oh well she is pretty cute.

On Sunday after church my husband went and got flowers to plant, he got so many way too many but we got them planted and then after we did that we went swimming! Yes swimming, we opened the pool a couple weeks ago and we got in it, yes it was cold but it felt so good because it was 90 degrees here on Sunday!!

Yesterday Me and Brody tried to be outside for the most of the day and I had some friends come over and we sat on the front porch.

Brody is doing great as we speak it is 9:30 here and he is still asleep!!! Well he woke up about 8:45 and wanted to eat but did not want to wake up and get out of bed!! He is a sleepy little guy today! It is already pretty out so were goanna go try and enjoy some more sunshine, I think it's supposed to start raining this evening:(

Brody loves being outdoors, he just loves it!! I still do not have a new camera and the funny thing is my dad's needs a new battery and my moms is broke too.. so none I can even borrow..I am trying to hold out until Mother's Day, it's hard really hard. Brody is growing before my eyes!!!


Brandi said...

The weather is great here too. I wish I could get a new car. I also want a puppy.

The Neipling's~Chad, Stephanie and Graham said...

they certainly do grow sooo fast!!! We have a Toyota Sequoia and LOVE the room that we have in it. I love everything about it!! I feel so safe in it too! Good Luck with the search...I know how frustrating it can be.

Emily said...

we are planting our flowers this weekend:) what kind did you get?? cant wait to see pics and yeah for sunshine:)

The Neipling's~Chad, Stephanie and Graham said...

It's actually really great on gas. We get 22 hwy miles and 15 city miles.

Paige said...

Hey, I don't mind that you came by my blog at all! Please do so anytime you want too! I am from Kentucky and love meeting new Momma's from everywhere! Brody is adorable, and you have the most beautiful family!

Jennifer said...

Just found your blog, enjoyed reading it! Brody is so cute :)

knichols1125@yahoo.com said...

Hi there!
First time commenter here!! :)
I started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago and check in often to see whats new.
My husband and I recently went car shopping. My brother owns a garage, so I had a lot of amazing insight from him as far as what's mechanically best. Also, my husband works for a well respected credit union in our area as a loan officer so he knows about all the important details. ;-) Hands down, before I even asked them seperately, they said the best SUV out there that isn't an absolute fortune (but still pretty expensive if you ask me), is a Toyota Rav4. I don't know how much roo, you need, but if you need a bigger SUV, than definitely the Toyota 4Runner. My brother said that these 2 suvs only come in to be serviced, never for major repairs. My friend has a 4runner and couldn't be happier with it. We opted to go with a Toyota Tacoma as we own an old farm house with 70 acres so we tend to do a lot of hauling. I still drool when I pass a 4Runner on the road though!!


i like... saturn vue's lauren has one and her carseat stroller and all that baby stuff fits perfectly and my mama just got a dodge nitro, very cute :)

Blake's Momma said...

I have a Jeep Compass. It's just big enough for me without feeling like I'm driving a truck. The Jeep Patriot is the same car with a boxier exterior. I have 30,000 miles on mine and haven't had any problems and I get 22-26 mpg I don't know what is going to happen to Chrysler, but they are selling these things really cheap right now. I have seen new ones for under 15k.

Good luck in your search!

Jessica said...

So what's the puppy's name? I bet she is so cute! Oh, & thanks for the award :0)