Sunday, April 5, 2009

Come on windstream!

My Internet has been acting up all week and the soonest I could get windstream out is tomorrow between 1-5, something is wrong way wrong. I lose my connection so much and it is so annoying. I am going to try and make a post but it may not work and I'm not even going to try and add pictures until tomorrow!

Everything has been great. Today has been an absolutely gorgeous day of 75 degrees out. We have been out all day, Brody loves being outside!!!

Big Step in our lives.... Brody is now sleeping in his pack-n-play. From the day I brought Brody home from the hospital or well really from the time he was 1 day old he has always slept right with his Mommy. He has his own special spot in Mommy and Daddy's King size bed and for such a little guy he took up so much room. He would wiggle and move all night until he was right in my arm. I decided on Monday night (3 months old) I would move his pack-n-play by my bed and give it a try, it worked!!!!!! He slept all night, well from 11-7. YAY!!! He has continued to sleep in it and he does pretty well! He does wake up some but just for a minute or so and puts himself back to sleep or I hold his hand:) I just love having him so close but I am trying. He does seem to like his own space, so this is good. I think I may move to the crib around 5 or 6 months, we will see!

I am late on getting Easter stuff together, I haven't even got Brody a basket yet. But I do have his outfit and it is just so cute!!

I will post pictures as soon as I can keep a connection!!! Oh and I do apoligize I had gotten 2 awards and I have not been able to post about them and I hate to say I have even forgot what they were now:( I am so sorry girls!!

Wow it worked, I was able to do a post REAL QUICK!! Come on windstream!!!



i was about to drive to ur house and make sure you were okay!! I cant wait to see brodys easter pics :) how exciting. oh if you get on and go to baby online you can see lauren's baby. she is the only baby on march 31st. she is a cutie. i miss you! i'll call you sometime this weekn and let you know how the new job is.

Abbi said...

i hate when the internet goes out! you feel disconnected!!
huge step!! that's awesome!
girl don't feel overwhelmed with Easter stuff...he's sooo little he want know any different! i stressed last year and kennedy was only 3 months old!! i have know idea why!! it will all come together!

Lindsey said...

So jealous of your weather! It is def snowing here, boo!