Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brody's 1st time in his high chair

I decided to put Brody in his high chair for the first time yesterday, and he seemed to really like it! I put him in it while I was making supper and he just played with some toys! He is such a big boy! He is really starting to grab at his toys and teething rings and he can grab them and bring them up to his mouth. I didn't think you could do this at 4 months? He is doing these things too early, I want him to stay a baby, Mommy's little baby. Quit growing up so fast Brody Luke! Oh well, you will always be Mommy's little baby boy!!Here is Brody with his Uncle Titus ( my little brother). He had gotten him this Bengals Jersey for my baby shower. Titus is a big sports fan, UK AND BENGALS and the king of jerseys so he couldn't wait for Brody to fit in this. He had asked me to try it on him from the day he was born, so I did this morning and it fit perfect! Daddy and Brody playing on the couch. Brody is so strong with his neck, but he doesn't like tummy time much still unless it is like this! He is starting to try and roll over I have grabbed my video camera a few times but then he just gives up! Oh well, It will be once day soon when I am not even ready for it!

I thought this was so cute!! I have put it on him before but hadn't for a long time. This robe was from my cousin Lacey, and she got it for me when I was pregnant with him I think it is so cute. Mommy and Daddy's lil cute ducky!!
All sprawled out with daddy on the couch just relaxing.. almost asleep!


Amber Ellis said...

Wyatt has the same highchair. We LOVE it! Your little guy is getting so big.

MELISSA said...

i love that little duck robe.. too cute!


look at that big boy sitting up! ahh i needa come down. hopefully on my next personal day i'll just come down and we will hang out.layout all day with the brodster! love you

Surrounded By Boys said...

He is adorable - don't you LOVE leg rolls??? Why is it they look so cute on babies but no so much on grown women? :)

As cute as he is now, wait till he starts walking and babbling. I swear, my 17 month old is at the PERFECT age!

Preppy Coastee said...

Carter haaates the high chair! :( Our boy's are growing way tooo quick..