Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nasty cough

Starting on Thursday lil Brody was getting a little cough that I just didn't like. He didn't seem to be feeling bad and wasn't running a temp. or anything but I called the dr. and made an appt for Friday morning just to be checked out anyway, I'm like that. My baby, I'm taking no chances:) So we went to the Dr. and he checked Brody out and said everything sounded and looked fine but thought maybe it was just his acid reflux acting up so he wanted me to start him on some medicine to see if it helps. Oh and let me say at the DR. on Friday he weighed 17.5 lbs!!!! My big boy!!!!

Tonight Brody sounds awful.. I have called the pediatrician on call and he just said As long as he is eating, sleeping, not fussing, no fever he is fine and it is probably the acid reflux. Okay.. well his little cough sounds horrible and it makes me sad. But he isn't fussy or acting like he feels bad, I just wish I could clear his throat for him and take the cough away!! Anyone have a child that did this with acid reflux????

Tomorrow is my Best friend Laura's wedding shower, I'm excited!! I'm excited to see what all she gets, see old friends, and it just makes me excited for her!!! I am her matron of honor in her wedding in September! I will have pictures to post I am sure!!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend! It has rained/stormed here alllll weekend!!! Come on sunshine!!!!!!

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Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

Try a humidifier....It works wonders....