Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 2-- About the same

Well it's day 2 in the hospital and Timmy is about the same, not really any worse and not really feeling a whole lot better!!! The Dr. came in yesterday and really didn't say much. They are still pretty sure it is viral and not bacterial but they won't know for sure until his spinal fluid comes back ( which takes a few days). They have him in isoloation which here that means a room by himself. The nurses all wear gloves, gowns, and masks for taking extra pre-cautions. He wanted to take a shower this morning but they wouldn't let him because he is in "isolation". So we did the best that we could! Thanks for all the prayers, keep on praying! He hates being in the hospital ( who likes it? Well I did when having Brody:) )

This has been a change for me with Brody... I have only left Brody for a few times and not for any longer than 2 hours at a time. Luckily we live right beside my parents and they are able to help us so much! I am still breast feeding Brody and I had no milk frozen and I am not really able to pump out extra so yesterday I went home every couple hours and then mom drove up here and I went out and fed him. He has been drinking juice and eating baby food as well. He did pretty well yesterday and I went home last night with him. Today I have a can of formula that mom may try if she needs to, I really didn't want to have to supplement and he may not even take it and we may not even have to try. It's a good thing we only live about 20-25 minutes from the hospital but I made a lot of trips, but it's worth it! I am lucky to be able to stay home with Brody each day but I sure have missed him but I know he is in good hands and that my hubby needs me!!!!!

Thanks for all the prayers!!!!


Jessica said...

oh girl! i haven't had my computer for a couple days so i am just now reading about your husband. i will definitely be praying for him! I hope he feels better soon!

The Gardners said...

Praying for you girl!