Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I don't!!

Jenna over at is doing a list today of "I don't!" so I thought that I would join in! You should check out her blog, she is a great momma with a cute cute little boy!!!

My list of "I don't"!!!

--I don't really like to watch TV, not a fan at all. However I do watch Army wives and that's really about it.

-- I don't drink enough water, I have been trying to drink more lately but I just don't!

-- I don't ever wear sunscreen, shame on me!!!!!!!!!

-- I don't answer my house phone, ever. It was my grandmas old number and it is always telemarketers and I never gave the number out much, I just use my cell!

-- I don't make Brody sleep in his own bed, I know I will deal with this later but I don't care. I am all about the FAMILY BED!

-- I don't like taking the time to paint my own toe nails, I have to make myself!

-- I don't like cleaning out my fish tank, at all.

Well there ya go my list for the day!!!!


Jenifer said...

Love your blog and your list! Most of those are true for me as well! By the way...we coslept with our two (new baby due in August!) and never had any trouble. When they are big enough they'll want to sleep in a big girl/boy bed! Snuggle while you can I say!

amywelborn said...

I don't ever answer my home phone either!! Great l ist!