Monday, July 27, 2009

Mommy's Little Shark & Laundry Helper

We had a really good day today home as a family. Timmy had a good night last night and was able to get some rest. He has had a pretty good day today and is feeling better!! He has actually been able to eat and keep food down today so that is great! His headaches come and go but I think here in just a couple days he will be all better!

While Daddy rested Brody and I spent the majority of the day outside. We sat under our big shade tree on a quit and read and played with toys and then Brody got in his little pool!

Look at My cute little shark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brody loves to play in his little pool and loves toys!!! Yes, he is now sitting up so good by himself and needs no help!! I do stay very close though, just in case :)Brody's new thing he loves is to watch the dogs!! The little one is Cocoa ( our dog ) and the bigger one is Arnie ( myt sister's dog) he could sit and watch them all day!
Since I wasn't home for a few days while Timmy was in the hospital I had some laundry to catch up on and it was okay since I had this cute little helper!!!


Jessicaxo said...

that is by far the cutest pool i have ever seen!! :) Im glad your hubby is doin better!!

Paige said...

These pictures are just simply adorable! It looks like you and Brody had a wonderful Mommy/Baby day! I love days just being able to spend with Charli like that! I'm also happy to see that Timmy is feeling better! That is great news!

The picture of him in the laundry basket is just to cute!

Amber Ellis said...

I LOVE Brody's little shark outfit! Too cute. Looks like a great day at your house.

I hope your hubby gets well soon :)

Suzi said...

that little shark outfit is adorable! love it!

glad timmy is doing better... i had menigitis several years ago and it is really tough. praying for you all!

Jessica said...

Love that tiny pool! That is the cutest thing ever! I'm glad Timmy is feeling better! And as always, Brody is just adorable!

amywelborn said...

That shark outfit is adorable!! So funny!

Annie said...

oh my goodness, that little shark outfit is way too cute! i love it!
hope your hubs is feeling better really soon!!