Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunny Tuesday

We have had beautiful weather here in KY the past 2 days, I hope we have a few more!! It seems like we have had so much rain this summer! Brody & I have really been enjoying this sunshine!

In the mornings Brody is always so happy even at 5 am when we wake up with daddy ( I get up and Brody knows when my feet hit the floor so he is up too). He loves to play with his daddy in the mornings before he goes to work. I thought it was cute this morning when Timmy was holding him Brody decided he wanted to pick up his daddy's lunch. Yes, I pack his lunch in grocery bags. He has had like 5 different lunch boxes and we have lost all of them and I said I wasn't buying another why not just re-use our grocery bags. It was funny because his lunch was kinda heavy and Brody was trying so hard to pick it up and he actually did get it off the bar a little, haha. It was cute! He really is a strong 6 month old! It was such a pretty day out so we headed out into our back yard to enjoy the sunshine and Brody's little pool. he loves splashing around in it. We have a huge shade tree so I put the pool underneath and a big blanket and we had a lot of fun playing! Then when Brody decided he was all played out and wanted a nap, I move out from underneath the shade tree and was able to catch some rays ( which is very hard to do once you have a baby ).

I love this picture.. my little sleeping angel boy!
We went out to lunch today at an adorable little care called "Market Street Cafe." They have the best soups, salads, and sandwiches. We went with my cousin Lacey who is also Brody's "Auntie!" We sat outside and talked and ate and Brody was a good little guy and napped until we were done eating. I have been thinking about this all day but they had these HUGE Red Velvet Cupcakes and I am so proud of myself for not getting one. I told myself on Sunday I was going to start watching my sweets intake ( I eat a lot of sweets) and I haven't had any for 2 days... this is BIG for me!!!Brody and his Auntie Lace! Funny story real quick... Lacey came over yesterday to hang out and while she was here I decided to clean my living room carpet while she watched Brody. She decided to give him a bath after feeding his some baby food and everything was going well. All of a sudden she is yelling for me to back there so I head back there and she is holding Brody out of the baby tub and I look down and he had POOPED IN HIS TUB!!!! This was the first time he has ever done this and I laughed so hard and this was only the 2nd time she had ever given him a bath. It really was funny at the time and of course Brody of just laughing!!

Timmy is working 3rd shift tonight, he has been working overtime like crazy! He says he loves his checks after he has done it, yes me too but I miss him when he is at work. I don't want him to overdo it. He worked 1st shift today came home and slept just left to go back to work and is working 3rd and then 1st tomorrow and will be home tomorrow at 4. I'm so glad he loves to work and I am able to stay home I just miss him especially when he works a 3rd shift!!!


Amber Ellis said...

Bless your heart. I know it is hard having your hubby gone so much. You are blessed to have a man that works so hard to provide for his family.

Brody is a doll. I can't believe he will nap outside! Wyatt won't be still long enough to do that. Just wait until he is 18 months. It will be a whole other ballgame!


haha brody pooped in his tub, hilarious! poor lace lol. lea he gets cuter every day, i love him! i'll text you when i get home, and if timmy is working late on monday i'll run down. i love ya girl.

Chelsa said...

thanks for letting me know you are following my blog :) it is always nice when someone new comments! your family is so precious! your little boy is just adorable. and you are way too cute yourself! what part of KY are you from??

we are from southern indiana, so not too far from the ky. border!

Suzette said...

Way to go on not having the cupcake - you are ahead of me.. I have NO self control when it comes to sweets! :)

I love all the pics! I look forward to being outside with Kyah in a little pool in our backyard... Brody is just such a cutie! I so wish we lived closer! :(

Annie said...

you always have the cutest pictures!!
i'm glad you can be a stay at home mommy with your little B! i dream of being one some day :)

The Pettijohn's said...

I pack JR's lunch in a grocery sack too :) I haven't found a lunch bag "manly" enough for him yet, ha!!

and CUTE pics of Baby Brody! Love the outdoor ones!

Katie said...

Good for you for not having any sweets for 2 days! I love sweets too so I know 2 days is a huge accomplishment!

Your little boy looks so cute in his little pool!!!

Preppy Coastee said...

I loooev him in his little pool, where did you get that??? Love the last picture too!!