Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Living room in progress

I am not a very good decorator, at all I've said it. I wish I would have gotten the decorating gene from my mother, but I didn't. I had never really done much to our living room, we lived here a year before I even got curtains up ( we had blinds) and my decorations were pictures of Brody. We decided we wanted to get new furniture, my husband gets bored with things rather quickly. He picked our sectional out when we moved in our home but complained that is wasn't very comfy and it wasn't big enough for us to lay together, so off to Big Sandy we went. I will show you what we came home with. I had been in a few times and loved this Entertainment center that sat right by the door and told Timmy about it over and over. We had picked out our couch, love seat, and chair and he said "Babe that entertainment center you like would look really good with our new furniture and end tables." I got so excited and look what we came home with!!!!
Not done yet... we need to get an area rug, we want new throw pillows and although I think the curtains match fine Timmy does not, so new curtains too. Oh and Don't mind the other end of my living room it has so much going on, desk with computer, fish tank, Brody's toys, etc.
Living Room before new furniture

Living room after

I should have taken some before pictures but we decided to make our garage into another room. We didn't use our garage for our cars just for junk so Timmy decided to box it in and put up some double doors to make it his "DEN" aka Man room. They are installing the carpet as we speak. WE are making it a workout room too and I am hoping to finally start working out to shed these last 8 baby lbs and tone back up ( yea right can it happen haha). We are also getting our 2 bathrooms redone in the next few weeks too and I really can't wait on those!!!


Lindsey said...

The new furniture is gorgeous!!!

Jessica said...

I love that entertainment center! Pretty pretty! Sounds like y'all have a lot of re-dos going on. How exciting!

The Wife of a Fisherman said...

Omg it looks SOOOO good! What a difference! We have the exact same monkey seat jumperoo exersaucer and chicco car seat too!! how funny

Summer Wind said...

your living room looks great!

kace said...

Its beautiful! Love the entertainment center!

Suzette said...

I am so behind on reading all the updates- can you tell I'm playing catch up! :)

Looks great! I'm not the best at decorating either.. we've been changing everything up around here!!