Saturday, September 19, 2009

Family weekend!

For the past several years we have celebrated my Grandma Hazel's Birthday on the 3rd Saturday in September. All of the family gathers at my Uncle Rons for a weekend of fun!! Last year we celebrated Grandmas 94th Birthday and she lived a good long life but the family decided we wanted to keep on celebrating for all of the many years she lived and to still get together as a family to celebrate her memories and spend time with one another. Family started coming in Thursday night and we started celebrating last night with a cookout and then today had a big cookout and shared memories and such of Grandma Hazel. It was a lot of fun to be with family that we don't get to see as often as we would like. Here are some pictures to show what a fun filled family weekend we had!!

Brody is starting to feel a little bit better ( luckily my Uncle Ron's is a short walking distance from our house so we were able to come home and rest.) He has still been running a temperature off and on but he is still eating good, and I can tell he is a little better as he has been laughing and smiling and playing today but he still wants his mama at all times so I know he isn't feeling totally himself yet. I also think I am coming down with a sinus infection or allergies or something!

Look how beautful the sunset was here in KY last night!! My cousin Megan and her neice Maizy and nephew Kai.

Me and Brody Luke

Me & My sister Lindsey

Timmy, Brody, and Me

Brody felt good enough for Daddy to swing him!

My sister Leslia and my cousin Danielle's little girl Estella

My sister Lindsey and cousin Megan
Me, my sister Tisha and Brody, My cousin Mandi and her little boy Kai

My cousin Mandi and Brody

My cousin Mandi and her husband Chris
Cousins!! Here's just a few of us... miss everyone else!!! We are a big family of lots of girls!

My dad and his Brothers. My grandma had 8 sons and one daughter. One son and her daughter wasn't able to be there today.


Anonymous said...

Hope Brody Luke makes a quick recovery soon. What a sweet way to remember your grandma!

Paige said...

You can't get much better than that beautiful sunset in good ole Kentucky with all of your family!! You have such a big family and that is something to always cherish! I love all of the pictures you take!

Suzette said...

What a great way to remember your g-grandma.. Very special... Looks like you are blessed with a wonderful family!

daniella said...

Hey hot mama!

Of course you can still wrap/bind yourself! You just have to do it a little tighter :-) I'm telling you, get some of those "sausage underwear that come up all the way to the top of your ribcage and wear it all day. It will help if you get a pair that's a thong underwear AND/OR some that have a opening at the bottome for easy potty access. That, your just wear a tight corset :-), which you can find at JC Penneys, Kohls, etc.

Also, get a Pilates DVD and get to work. No other type of exercise on earth works your entire torso better than this.

Brittney said...

I just noticed your cousin's little boy in his blue glasses! Brooklynn had the exact same pair in pink (she outgrew them). So cute! :) You have such a large and beautiful extended family!

Preppy Coastee said...

Your sister and you look like TWINS!

♥Kim said...

Precious family! I was about to ask you how many sisters do you have, that's a lot you mentioned in this post.

The sunset was beautiful.

It's wonderful to have family around that you have seen in forever.

AmyKristen said...

You have a beautiful family!