Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I hate antibiotics!!

So last Friday when I took Brody to the Dr they put him on an antibiotic well yesterday I noticed he was getting thrush again in his mouth, a rash all over his body, and a bad rash down below. I knew it wasn't normal so I called the Dr. Office and they told me to quit giving him the antibiotic and made me an appt to bring him in this morning at 9:30 to take a look.

Sure enough... He has thrush again and also a yeast infection in the diaper area. H.e has been nursing good and drinking his juice good but not eating much baby food because his mouth is so sore and plus he is cutting 3 top teeth. I hate that the antibiotic has caused him more problems and another Dr's visit. They gave me some nyostatin oral for his thrush and then 2 different creams to alternate 3 times a day for his yeast infection. If it's not one thing it's another, my sweet little baby boy. I hope that he gets all cleared up soon and back to normal.

So I had been needing a new phone for awhile and finally my phone bit the dust. I couldn't decide what kind of phone I wanted.. did I want to get another blackberry, try the iPhone, or just something plain and simple? Well my dad took me to att yesterday to get a new phone for an early birthday present from him and my mom ( THANK YOU) and basically my dad pressured me into getting this.. okay so it didn't take a whole lot of pressure or persuading.. Happy early birthday to me! I love it!


jenn said...

i hope little brody feels better soon!!

Misty Rice said...

I was a crackberry lover, I mean a blackberry fan and still am. They are great phones, however when I got my first iPhone and then won my 3GS iPhone, I feel in love with it. The only thing that took time was the key board typing, but after a week or two, I had that down and love my iPhone.

Thats a cool birthday present.

Happy Birthday....

Did you get the 3GS? Take tones of videos of baby boy and post them instantly on youtube and on your blog, and save those memories.

♥Kim said...

And what kind of phone would "This" be?!? :)


Girl I'm sorry this happened to Brody. I tell ya you are so right, if it ain't one thing it's sure enough another!

I hope he heals soon. I coulnd't imagine how painful that must be for him.

I'll keep him & you in my prayers!

PS: Yes I love to hunt, me & my hubs is the same and will do anything to hunt! you should go with your hubs one day, it takes practice to stay still! he,he, but I'm sure you will fall in love, and that adrenalin rush will flow all over you once you see a deer! I promise!!! It's amazing!:) Patience is the key!

Burtons Blessings said...

I hope he gets better soon!
I want an iphone SO BAD!

Abbi said...

kennedy's had thrush a few times too!! it's sooo irrating!! hope he gets better soon!
girl, i just got one too!!! i'm in love!! i still have NO clue what to do or how to work it though!!!

Anonymous said...

Heck yea....what a score on the phone! I'm sorry to hear about Mr. Brody Luke! I hate ABX for the same reason! I left you an award on my blog!

Amber Ellis said...

JEALOUS!! I would LOVE an IPhone, but I would have to switch phone companies. I'm not ready to do that yet. Congrats on yours :)

I hope Brody gets better soon!! Poor baby :(

Majal said...

Hey girl!

I hope Brody is startin to feel better! That is just awful that that happened.

Happy early birthday to you! I bet you will LOVE the iphone! That is my next phone for sure! Dad and Brysen and Baylen love theirs so much!

I started a new blog for my big adventure comin' up! I'll have to call and tell you all about it! The link is

Talk to you soon!