Monday, October 5, 2009

Brody Luke--9 Months Old

Brody Luke,

I cannot believe that you are already 9 months old. You are growing up way too fast but not matter what you will always be my baby. You are such a sweet sweet baby boy Brody. You are always smiling and laughing and everyone always says "Is he always this happy?" You are.. you smile at everyone and you smile is just adorable, melts Mommy's heart. You are getting such a little personality and a sweet one at that. You have started throwing a few little temper fits, but Mommy calms you down. You have started crawling and you are all over the place now. You also can pull up on a few things like the couch and the backside of your crib. You also can walk with your walking toy all by yourself and you love your walker, you go crazy in it!!

You say Mama and this weekend you started saying Dada. You have 2 bottom teeth and 4 top teeth! You love to eat... you are still nursing. You love puffs, mum mums, yogurt melts, and juice. You love fruits and veggies but you hate meat... The dr says that is why your iron was low this morning at your dr appt and he put you on some medicine for it. You love drinking juice and you really love when mommy sneaks you a drink of whole milk.

You weigh right at 20lbs and you are wearing anywhere from 6-12 months in clothes. You are wearing a sz 3 diaper and you have little chubby feet. You love to play with shoes anytime you see a shoe you try and grab it. You love toys and books too. You are still sleeping in bed with Mommy and Daddy and we like it that way. You still don't sleep thru the night.. but you did last night and I loved it but it doesn't bother me to way up with you at nighttime, anything for you sweet baby boy.

Brody Luke you are growing up so fast right before my eyes. You are the most wonderful blessing I could have ever asked for and I thank God for you daily. I am so thankful that you are a healthy strong little baby boy. I am so blessed. I love you Brody Luke more than you will ever know.

Happy 9 months Brody Luke!!!

Love always,



Brandi said...

Aww. Happy 9 months Brody. Landon had to take iron medicine for a little while too.

♥Kim said...

Awww how sweet! Precious baby! Happy 9 months Brody!

Amber Ellis said...

Sweet Brody, Happy 9 months!!!

Jessica said...

Happy 9 months Brody!

Thanks! It was so much fun! I love things like that. We actually find out Wednesday! Same day as our anniversary! We are so excited! I can't wait!


brody! your almost one. wow! how the time flies. i love your cute lil face off. and i love ya mama's cute lil face and miss her.