Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Court Day weekend

We made it home yesterday after a fun filled weekend in Mt. Sterling ( Timmy's hometown) for Court Days! It is so much fun!! They have booths and booths of crafts, purses, tools, socks, candles, animals, food, guns, etc so much stuff!! It was a little chilly on Saturday but I bundled Brody up super good and he did great! He loved Court Day and just rode in his stroller like such a good little boy ( duh he is!) I don't have any pictures from this weekend, I didn't pull my camera out once and I can't believe it!!! We have had a lazy day today of resting and cleaning after being gone all weekend!!

Brody is so active here lately where he is crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything!!! He has stood by himself a couple times now too, I really think he will be walking soon and that makes me sooo sad!!!!!!!!

Pictures to come of my little sweetie this week!!!


Brittany said...

Hey Lea! I got the shirt off of Etsy:) How is little Brody?? HE IS SO CUTE! I can't believe he is almost walking!!!!! I remember not too long ago talking about how we couldn't wait for them to get here... it has all happened so fast! We will definitely get together this week! I called you yesterday! I have TONS to tell you... and fill you in on Andrea's birthday things and see if you can come!

Meant to be a mom said...

How nice that you can take him out and have a good day. He's such a good boy. Can't wait to see pics.

Lindsey said...

sister - i need to see pictures!

kace said...

sounds like so much fun! our boys are getting big on us... but it definitely makes outings much easier when they are old enough to like the stroller. oh and i live in western north carolina... really close to tennessee!