Friday, October 30, 2009

The Start of Brody's 1st Halloween

To kick off Brody's 1st Halloween weekend we started out by going to the "Harvest Fall Festival" that is put on by Harvest Christmas Academy ( where my little brother goes to school). It was a lot of fun and I know Brody will love it even more as he gets older. We did a cake walk, and I won a great cake!! The 2 main highlights of tonight for Brody was riding his first horse at 10 months old with the help of daddy :) and getting a sucker for the first time!! Okay so I know a sucker, really? But it is Halloween and I just let him have it for a couple minutes but boy did he loves it!!!

After the Harvest festival we went down to our friends Brittany & Erik's for a little Halloween get together, it was alot of fun. We have a little one so they were everywhere and all just so cute!!!!!! We tried getting a picture of the 4 of them all together in their Halloween Onesies but it just didn't work out to good. Poor Little Miayln is the only little girl with 3 boys!!

Tomorrow we are taking Brody trick or treating, and let me tell you he is going to look sooo cute!!!!!!! I will have plenty of pictures to show!! Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend!!

Getting on the horse...

Look how cute he is.. he put his hands and held on just like he had done this before!!

He loved it!!!

Trying out his Halloween Sucker

Bidding on items for the silent auction

He loved it!!

Timmy & Brittany's adorable little girl, Mialyn.

Brody loves to pick on the little ones... he is only trying to play or give them lovins! Brody & Paytain

Brody-- 10 months (almost) Mialyn-- 6 months-- Gage 6 months Paytain--5 months

Brittany and Mialyn Alisha and Paytain Andrea and Gage


Anonymous said...

Timmy looks awfully cute with a little girl, I think you need one!! lol... love ya girl!

Annie said...

so many cute pictures!!
how fun that your friends all have babies too!!
i want one! ;)
i love the pic of mialyn crying and all the other babes looking at her wondering what's wrong. too cute!

have a great halloween!!

Abbi said...

looks like he loved the horse!!!
cute pics!
check out all of those babies!! soooo sweet!!

♥Kim said...

Such adorable pictures! I didn't realize you and Brittany new each other, I found her blog and she has a beautiful baby girl. Brody is just too cute, I love his blue eyes. You gals look gorgous!