Monday, December 7, 2009

Brody now has 7 teeth!

We had a fun and relaxing weekend!!! On Friday I took Brody to his Uncle Titus' ( my lil bro) Ball game and he loved it! This was Brody's 1st basketball game he has been to and many more to come. He will be his Uncle Titus' #1 Fan!!

Saturday were Brody's 1 year Birthday pictures! We got there and we couldn't get Brody to crack a smile, laugh, or even act happy and I wasn't too sure what was wrong with him. Our photographer said she is sure she got some good pictures, I really hope so!! Late rwe got home and I was playing with Brody and I noticed he had a new tooth that had broke skin and I didn't even know he was cutting one!!! I think that was what was wrong with him!! So he has now gotten his 7th tooth!! Saturday we just hung around home and built a fire in our fireplace and watched football and then Andrea, Tommy, and Gage came over and visited us! Brody and Gage are so cute together and are going to be the Best of Buddies!

My Brother in Law Chris is in the National Guard so on Sunday we went to his National Guard Family Christmas Dinner!

#14 is my little brother! Brody and Gage

My Bro-in Law Chris and his girlfriend Alex

Chris, Alex and Brody Luke
Brody and his Uncle Chris

My sweet baby boy


♥Kim said...

Aw! Poor baby, girl I have so lost count of Hunter's teeth, they just come in so fast now.

H didn't do so well w/ his 1st pictures either, I think they get a little shy!

I hope he feels better with the whole teething! Great pictures!

Jessica Elizabeth said...

Fun weekend! Cute pictures, he's just so adorable!

The Wife said...

I love that Polo jacket! Too cute!

kace said...

he is such a cutie! i love the new blog design too:)

Annie said...

cute pics, as always!! i love that you always have photos!! having a close family is the best :)

p.s. your blog background/header is adorable! glad you figured it out ;)

Abbi said...

girl, kennedy has so many teeth i can't count anymore!!
looks like a fun weekend!!!

Jenna said...

Such cute pictures! Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Can't wait to see his 1 year pictures! I is so photogenic!

Brit said...

I can't believe he has 7 teeth. I can't remember? When did he get his first one? Kennedy is teething but NO TEETH?! Will they ever come in? Grr...

I LOVE your new blog design! Who did it?

Suzette said...

Wow, 7 teeth!!!!

Love your new header! So cute!