Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brody is 1 year old!!!

Happy 1st Birthday to my baby boy!!!!! It is a snowy, cold day here in Kentucky on your 1st Birthday Brody Luke. It is still so hard for Mommy to believe that it has already been a year since I was laying in L&D room 307 getting ready to have you!!!

So far on your 1st birthday Mommy woke you up singing Happy Birthday to you and you just smiled and laughed at me, melts my heart. Then I made you a special birthday pancake breakfast and you loved them and I had you oranges which you love too! Then we played for awhile and read books and went over to your Mammaw and Papaw LeMaster's and we did a ceramic tile of your little tiny hand print!!!! Something I will cherish forever!! We came back home and laid on the couch and you fell asleep on Mommy and I laid there with you for over an hour just thinking about this past year and how blessed I am to be your mom and what a wonderful little boy you are!!!!!!!! You are still napping, your birthday has wore you out!! Tonight to celebrate your birthday were going to Toro Loco ( Mommy has been going since you were in my belly and you are there at least once a week they all know you!) They will sing you a song and I bet they will give you a special birthday treat plus I will order you your favorite.. a cheese quesadila.

12 months old!! 1 year!

Brody Luke,

I still can't believe you aer already a year old!!!! Time flies by when your having fun!! Boy have I ever! This year has been the most wonderful, amazing, blessed year of my life!!!!

You are such a sweet baby boy Brody. You are always laughing and smiling! You have been walking since you were 10 months old and you are in to everything! You love just walking around the house and finding little things to carry around with you. You love your cozy coupe that you got for Christmas. You love going into your room to play with all of your toys. You love eating buttered toast in the mornings for breakfast while you watch cartoons. You are still nursing but not as often mainly at nighttime and when you wake up in the morning. You still love your paci and who knows when I will get it away from you. You are doing better on sippy cups but you still won't hold them yourself.

You are wearing sz 3 in diapers and 12-18 month in clothes. I am not sure what you weigh I would say around 22 lbs. I take you tomorrow for you 1 year check up! Your favorite foods to eat are cheese quesdilas, grilled cheese, oranges, fruit, and all of your snacks of course! You are not into baby food anymore all table food it is! You are getting better at drinking whole milk and you love juice and water!!

You are quite the little ham and there are so many people that absolutely love you Brody!! You love to give hugs and kisses!! You say Mama, Dada, Byebye, dog, and you have your own little jumble of things you say constantly!!!!!!!

Brody Luke you mean everything to me.... Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Baby Boy!!!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Brody
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy xoxo


Robin said...

Happy Birthday Brody!

♥Kim said...

What a sweet post! It's so Amazing how fast our babie grow isn't it?!?
He has a great mommy! ♥

Hope ya'll have a Wonderful time tonight!

The Wife of a Fisherman said...


The Wife said...

Yay!! Happy birthday to him!

Melissa said...

awww.. happy birthday big boy!

Majal said...

Lea, reading these sweet words almost made me cry. You are such a wonderful mother! And happy birthday, Brody!

Abby said...

What a precious post! So sweet! I might have even teared up a bit! Happy birthday Brody Luke!

E. Williamson said...

Great post! You are such a good writer. I wish that I had the ability to express myself through writing like you.
Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating... (which it sounds like you did).

♥Kim said...

Question: Can you email me & tell me where you purchased Brody's bath tablets from? I want to get my little guy some for his bathtub! Thanks