Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Angels watching over us...

Alot has been going on around here and school has kept me so busy this week since it is the week before Spring break (YES, I need it)!!!! I will try to blog more while I am off and caught up on all school work!!!

Yesterday we had met my  friends Brittany and Andrea to have lunch and on the way home Brody and I got into a wreck. There was a truck stopped to trurn and an old camero in front of me that had to come to a sudden stop and I didn't have time to stop and ran right into the camero. It was so scary. This was my first wreck (hitting a mailbox with my mirror doesn't count, right?) and I was scared to death especially since I had Brody with me. It was a complete accident and I just didn't have time to slam on my brakes and come to a complete stop. It didn't help any that the man dirivng the "old classic camero" was completely rude. Brody was okay and so was I and that's all that matters. It didn't even jolt Me or Brody and I am so thankful we were in a big suv. They were suprised the airbag didn't deploy but I'm glad it didn't. My vechile was the worst damaged by far but the man driving the camera was so upset about his car that was barely damaged oh and he told me I better have good insurance, I said "Don't worry I have the best." Cars are material things and all that I care about is that Brody was okay.

We have had some very pretty days here the last few days and some warmer weather. I came home from school the other day to see my little baby boy dressed like this and my heart melted and my knees went weak.

One of my best friends Brittany just gave brith to her 2nd child & first daugher Hailee Paige!! She was 9 lb 2oz and 21 in long and absolutely perfect!!! We are heading to the hospital to see them!!!!!!!! Congrats to Bobby, Brittany, and Carter!



Rosie said...

Ewww! I do not like Mister Camero Man! Besides, if he slammed on his breaks and you weren't speeding, it's not like it was YOUR fault. Thank goodness everyone was ok!
What a cute little outfit Brody has on! My hubby has one like that from when he was little :)
And congrats to your friend on her healthy baby girl!

Annie said...

So glad to hear that you and Brody are OK..adn so sorry to hear that that man was such a jerk....what's wrong with some people....accidents happen!

Burtons Blessings said...

So glad you are both ok!

The Dorns said...

Where did you get Brodys white shoes that he wears with his jon jon outfits?

I need to get Landon some classic shoes like that and some knee high socks.

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

So glad ya'll were okay!! Wrecks, even minor ones are SO scary!! They can happen before you know it! Whew! Love his little outfit too!! Cute cute!

Shanna said...

So glad you & Brody are okay!

Jessica said...

Girl! I'm sorry to hear about the accident but I'm so glad you & Brody are ok. That is very scary!

Yay for warmer weather! I can't wait for summer!

Thanks for the compliment on the bedding. You are too sweet! Maybe next you'll have a girl & we can work something out if Averly is out of her crib by then;)

Enjoy your spring break!