Monday, March 29, 2010

Come on Warm Weather!

Come on Warm weather, we are so ready for you!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so ready for warm weather and especially summer time! Were supposed to be having some warm sunny days this week and I cannot wait!!

We had a busy weekend and it seems like I forgot to take pictures most of the time! We went to Mt. Sterling and visited some of Timmy's family on Saturday, Sunday we went to church, toro loco, and Daisy's 1st Birthday party! Today I didn't have class due to my teacher being out of town so my friend Mandy came over and brought her little girl Hadley ( she and Brody are like a month apart) and they played so well together! We also took them for their first visit to Gattiland, but they didn't even play they just enjoyed the pizza!!!!!

I have a busy week at school this week and I have been doing alot of studying!!!! I am ready for Easter weekend! I need to go out and finish "Easter Bunny" shopping for Brody's Basket!

I really dont have any good pictures but Brody had on the cutest Easter outfit for Sunday..he had 2 outfits so he wore my pick this last Sunday and he is wearing his Daddy's pick on Easter Sunday!

Hope everyone has a great week!!



Abby said...

Loooooove it! Where do you get all the smocked jumpers from? I think you need to do a style post - I love all his outfits and yours' too!

Tracy-Girl said...

What a little peanut!!

I am ready for some warm weather too - we had it last week, but now we are getting hit with another storm! No worries, summer is hopefully just around the corner!

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh I just love Brody's little outfit. So cute.

I absolutely have to go get Cooper's basket goodies also. I always tend to wait until the last minute for things. Not a good thing.

I hope your week goes well.

Jessica said...

Cute outfit! I am so excited about the weather this week! It's supposed to get up to 80 a couple of days! I love it! Good luck with you week at school. Hope all goes well!

♥Kim said...

I love it. So adorable!
I can't wait for Easter & to see all the great pictures of everyone's baby.
If you have a Dollar tree, you should go there. Cheap, but they have lots of Easter stuff! I bought my son's easter basket,candy, ect. only $13. I'm a cheap sake but can't go wrong with that.

Hope the rest of you week goes well for ya.

Jenna said...

Awe he is adorable :) Hope you all have a Happy Easter!