Friday, March 19, 2010

Cow's Go Moo...

The weather has been beautiful this week and I have loved being on Spring Break and being able to enjoy the beautiful weather with Brody Luke! We have spent alot of time outside!

Yesterday we went on a big walk... We picked up rocks and threw them in the pond, we played in the dirt,  we saw some more animals..Brody was fascinated with the Goats and Cows, and we even made it over to my Uncle's Farm Supply Store "Big Barn Farm Store" to see the baby chicks!!!!! Brody was so amazed by the cows, and he even started saying Cow and Moo!!

Note: In the pictures you will see that Brody is on a "Puppy Dog" ( not a leash) and before you judge let me explain.. Brody is on the run, I can hardly keep up , We live right by the road and railroad tracks, plus my parents have an inground pool outback and a huge pond, I am scared (this makes it so much easier) so with him wearing his Puppy Dog backpack I know that he can not get away from me!!!!!

Yesterday evening was also his 2nd swim class and he LOVED it!! He laughed and giggled and had a blast the whole time! It is so fun to be able to share that with him!!!

My sister and nephews are on their way here as we speak, Brody loves playing with them so I am sure we will spend the day outside! Can't wait to see them, they are just too cute & funny!!!! Me and my sister may just sneak away for a pedicure!!!!!!:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!



Burtons Blessings said...

How cute! I can't wait to do things like that with B :)

Jessica said...

So glad you're having good weather while you're on spring break! Its finally supposed to be nice here today. I can't wait to get outside.

I totally understand having the backpack for Brody. Riley is into everything too & I worry about him getting in the road or somewhere he doesn't need to be. They can sneak away fast!

Enjoy your day!

Rosie said...

Girl you do NOT have to explain the puppy dog! My child is going to have a life jacket on at all times as much time as we are at the lake or on the boat! LOL. Cute pics!

Brittany said...

The leash lol:) Love you and Brody!

Abby said...

You don't have to explain the dog to me! I'm looking for one for Becks! You can't be too safe, right?!

Looks like y'all had fun! I love B with the chicks!

Paige said...

Days like you have posted about are some of my most precious moments with Charli. I love this weather that we have been having! It's perfect! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Brandi said...

My kids would LOVE to visit all the animals. HUGE animal lovers!!!! what cute pics. Nate had to have the backpack/ leash thing too when he was little. I was always afraid what peeps were saying but you know what,,,,, who cares. Gotta protect our babies!!! Happy spring break to you guys!