Monday, March 15, 2010

So glad to be on Spring Break!!!!

We had a great weekend.. Friday night we had dinner at my parent's and then went down to my cousin Lacey's to visit with her and Travis. Saturday we had hair appointments and we finally found Bedding for our bed after 2 years of marriage and Timmy finally got his satin sheets ( which I am not the biggest fan of). Sunday we went to church and my older Cousin Johnny got baptized, so it was a wonderful day!! We then went to Toro Loco and celebrated my Mom's Birthday a little early.

Today I went with my friend Brittany to take Hailee to her check up at the Dr and she was just precious. It brought me back to what it is like having a newborn. Kind of got me having baby fever... Before you think I will be pregnant anytime SOON I have nursing school to finish before I start thinking about that!!!

Tomorrow Me, Brody, and My mom are heading to NKY to my sisters!!! Can't wait to see them!! Not sure what were going to do all day and at 6:00 were taking the boys to get their pictures made!! Can't wait to see them!!

My dad got some new "toys" and you know how boys are with toys!!!! I had never saw anyone excitied about enw lawn mowers in my life!! Brody even loved them!



Surrounded By Boys said...

Awwwww! Look at that little pink cutie you're holding!!! She's so sweet!

Jennifer said...

Yay for spring break! I hope you enjoy it! I love your swimsuit in the last post...SOOO cute!

caycee said...

Hey sorry for the delay :) Carsons shoes are Roobez, but my personal fav. are the pedi peds and sun sands sandals!!! Brody is so presh!!!

Anonymous said...

Brody Luke tell your Mommy you Miss Auntie Annie!! and to bring you down to play with Gagey!

Paige said...

Brody is soo precious and so is that baby girl!! ahh, baby fever!

Rosie said...

I'll be thr 1st to admit...those are pretty great lawnmowers. LOL. My FIL has one and everyone loves mowing with it. Hope you have fun in NKY. And that little girl is so presh!

Meant to be a mom said...

So many things going on with you guys. Whew, I'm tired and I'm not even that busy like you are =)
I love the pics with the boys and there toys. Happy birthday to your mom! And I know what you mean about the baby fever. I want one NOW! But I can't afford the fertility treatments right now so we have to wait.
Also New sheets and comforters are the best. It can truly change so much about your sleep comfort. I hope you guys enjoy!