Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful Weekend!

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Ky!! Looks like it is going to continue with more beautiful weather throughout the week and I love it! I don't know about anyone else but warm sunny days just put me in a good mood!!

We had a fun weekend! Some of Timmy's family came over on Saturday and the guys went golfing and then we cooked out and on Sunday we went to Church, Toro Loco, and then spent the day outside!

I had a test this morning and then went back and got out early and was home by 2:00 so Me and Brody went outside, he loves being outdoors and I can hardly keep him inside. We spend all days outside and then as soon as I get home I take him out and we basically stay out until his bedtime. He throws a fit when I bring him inside the house!! This weekend my parents came home from Lowe's with a truckload of fun for Brody and my nephews Zach and Landon. They got them a sandbox, a sand & water table, a picnic table and 4 little chairs! Brody played with the sand and water table this evening and loved it! Can't wait for Zach and Landon to be here to play with him too!!!

This evening we went to Brittany's and Mialyn was sleeping so when she woke up we went to the Dairy Bar for supper since Timmy is playing in a softball league tonight and Erik is working late so we took Brody & Mialyn on their 1st date to the Dairy Bar!

Well I'm going to take Brody back outside for a little bit.... Have a great week!!!

Oh and yes Brody is wearing a turtleneck but it was a little chilly here on Friday!!



Annie said...

glad ya'll are enjoying the beautiful weather and playing outside!!
have a great week pretty momma!! :)

Heather said...

It did sound like a beautiful weekend! Brody is such a little cutie, Mollie loves being outdoors too!! They would play great together, love all the pics!

jenn said...

love his little football socks

Iva said...


Robyn Beele said...

The sand/water table is so cute! We got Andrew a sandbox, but haven't bought sand yet. I am glad to hear he liked it!

Meant to be a mom said...

Hah, I'm loving the pouty picture of Brody. So cute. I'm loving the nice warm weather as well. Glad to hear you guys had a good time and that Brody has so much fun playing outside =)