Monday, June 28, 2010

Want to help out? Please Vote!

A great way to help an awesome Lexington charity...and it's free!

All you have to do is visit and vote for Eric Buckley representing Bluegrass Conservancy as Lexington's Top Dressed. You can vote 1 time per day during the contest period (ends August 17th) so be sure to visit the link daily. The organization with the most votes will win $2,000, 2nd place $1,000, and 3rd place $500. Bluegrass Conservancy is a nonprofit land trust that encourages the preservation of beautiful local farmland so our children and children's children will be able to enjoy cows and horses and fresh vegetables (instead of fast food chains and strip malls on every corner!). Visit for more information on this charity.

Please spread the word and pass the link on to friends!



Heather said...

Sure thing!! Will go do that soon!

Stephanie said...

You know I'm gonna vote for sweet little Lexington!! =) I can't believe Brody with those pickles! So sweet =) It actually made me want some - the summer of our wedding, I worked out A LOT and afterwards, I always wanted dill pickles - ??? It was weird but awesome because they're zero calories!

No joke I gotta go eat one NOW.{I'm freakin serious... can't believe you're blog made me do that!} Just stopped by to say thanks for entering my giveaway AND FOR POSTING MY BUTTON! YAY!