Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st Migrane ever...

I had been so excited for a Girl's Day with my Soon to be SIL and her cousin (other bridesmaid) Erin for quite a few weeks now. We were planning on going to Lexington to Saul Good and for Massages at Posh Salon and Spa, and then whatever else we wanted to get into for the day. I very rarely leave Brody at all and if I do it is mainly for class or to run somewhere so I was excited to spend a day doing a little pampering!

Went down Friday and Alex did my hair and we went back and stayed with Timmy's dad and Saturday morning we got up and I was feeling fine and then on the way to meet Alex and Erin I started seeing white spots and getting a bad headache, just thought it was part of the sinus' and allergies I have been having. We went to Saul Good and I wasn't even able to eat and then at the Spa I could barely enjoy my massage I felt so terrible, after that we ended up coming back home because I felt so terrible. Comes to find out I think I had my first ever Migraine and it was TERRIBLE. I hate to complain and I don't much but it was BAD. Didn't even make it to church this morning, I have felt very queasy from it today. I am so sorry to anyone who gets these frequent!!!! We still ended up having a good time just wish I felt better and felt good enough to eat the Chocolate Fondue and my Wedge Salad!!

Me and Brody have been taking it easy on the couch today and he has been playing.. Timmy went over to a family reunion we were supposed to all attend but I just didn't think I could do it.

This week I have class on M and F, my little brother turns 13 WHOA when did that happen, and my Brother in Law  is getting married!!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

This picture will embarrass him one day!! He was trying on his cowboy boots!
Alex opening up her gifts!

Brody is always playing with Hot Rods.. always.


Rosie said...

OMG-that picture is hilarious!
Sorry you got a migraine. I get them very often and they are so so bad! p.s. chocolate makes it worse. Hope yours gets better!

Brandi said...

I hope you get to feeling better!! I've never had a migraine but I hear they are horrible!! Take it easy! And Brody's little hiney is sooo cute!!!!

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

what a GREAT picture! I'm sure his girlfriends will love that!

Kyle and Amy said...

Girl my heart goes out to you! I have suffered from migraines for about 12 years and while I don't get them as often as I use to I still get them and actually had one today. It started yesterday and just fell on in to today and has been brutal. Praying for you right now!! Hoping you feel better and feel relief very soon! :)

Ms. J said...

haha love that picture with the cowboy boots and booty- that will be in a wedding slideshow one year!

I've never had a migraine, but my mom gets them quit a bit and they make her feel real nauseous too. Sounds like no fun!! Excedrin Migraine works well though!

Jessica said...

Sorry about your migrane. I've never had one & hope I never do!

That little bare-butt picture is too cute. And yes, you will have to show it to all of his girlfriends when he's older to embarrass him ;)

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, I suffer from chronic migraines and it is no fun especially if it goes untreated. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully it was a one time thing!