Friday, December 17, 2010

Brody's 1st Haircut

When Brody was born he had very little  hair, just a little teeny tiny bit and he really didn't start growing alot of hair until after his 1st Birthday. I finally decided it was time for his 1st haircut on Monday evening, well just a little trim. I let my dad and Timmy do it. Brody did a great job, the bites of Ice cream in between from Uncle Titus definitely helped. After his haircut my dad decided he needed a slicked back do just like his! Another bittersweet moment of raising my precious baby boy. You can bet I kept hair from that 1st haircut!


Jessica said...

Awww what a big boy!! He is just too precious! I love your Christmas card too!

Lauren said...

love the slicked back look, haha! glad he did so well.