Monday, January 31, 2011


This is a cute story about Brody that I wanted to share and remember!

I am not sure where he even learned about Monster's or how this came about but it did!

I was in the laundry room and he came running through the house yelling, "Monster Mommy,Monster." You could hear the panic in his voice and he said 'Come see Mommy, Come see." So he grabbed my hand and took me to his bedroom and said, "Monster in my room Mommy." Once I told him there was not a monster in his room he then said "Monster in Mommy's room, come see come see." I then told him there was no Monster and he continued in a panicky voice to tell me there was a monster, I finally got him to believe there wasn't one and he hasn't mentioned it since. It was so cute because he was so worried about the Monster but yet he was scared so I just comforted him!

He really is getting an imagination of his own and is just so cute!!


Jessica said...

Aren't their imaginations so funny at this age?!

Brandi said...

OMG, so does he get scared at night thinking there are monstors under his bed? I remember growing up thinking something was hiding under the bed. HEHE!!!

xoxo-Kristen said...

poor bro :( i miss you all! i just wanan move down there. and if you remember, blog about my vera giveaway, you have a lot of traffic on your page and ill send you a gift girl it will be personalized :)))

Paige said...

Imaginations are SO much fun!