Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I haven't taken the time since Brody turned 2 to sit down and write a post about all the things he is doing as a 2 year old. This is something I want to be able to go back and look at! Brody came down with a little virus the day after his birthday party so we had to re-schedule his 2 year check up!

Weight- 28 lbs which is exactly what he weighed at his 18 month check-up. Since then he has stopped breast-feeding, has became much more active, and a much pickier eater. He is wearing a 24 month-2t in clothes, a sz 6-7 in shoes, and a sz 5 in diaper's.

Brody has became a pretty picky eater and the only things I can get him to eat are chicken nuggets (with ranch), spaghetti ( which he even wants for breakfast) and pizza. I have to sneak veggies smashed into his spaghetti and hope he doesn't notice. He loves apple juice, loves it, is obsessed with it.

He loves Hot rod's!!! They are all over the house. He will play for hours with his little hot wheels. He also loves dinosaur's and has a new favorite show, "Dinosaur Dan."

Brody is such a big talker! He talks non-stop and it is so cute!! I can't even put a list of word's because he says anything and everything. I love seeing what he is going to say next. He also puts sentences together, he talks like a little man. He can count to 10 and knows most of his color's.

We took his paci away and for as much as he loved his pa-pa and how attatched he was he was done so well!!!!! We never gave in and he doesn't even ask for it that much, which really suprised me.

We turned Brody's room into a big boy room and took down his white dresser and crib and bought him a twin bed and dresser, he has not slept in there yet but maybe one day if this Mama can let him out of her bed! Yes, he still sleeps with me and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Brody is still sweet as ever! He loves giving kisses and hugs! He is such a good little boy but he does throw a few fits here and there. He is such a joy to me and so many others.

I am so blessed to have this sweet little guy in my life and to call him Mine. I love him more than he will ever know!!!!!!!


Sarah Ann said...

Ah. He's to die for :) Precious.

Burtons Blessings said...

Love the new layout!

Suz said...

Loving the new header!!! And I think Kyah thinks Brody is pretty cute..She kept pointing at him and giggled! :)

Jessica said...

I love the new blog look! Wow, he is getting so big! Riley is such a picky eater too. It drives me crazy that I can't get him to eat anything! Oh & he loves Dinosaur Dan too :) Sounds like these two would be big buddies!

jenn said...

he is so cute:)

Mrs. Mama said...

what a doll!!! happy 2 years to your little one!

Abbi said...

aw...little man is growing up! love the pic!