Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Celebrating Lacey's Birthday!

We had a great weekend with wonderful friends! We went out to eat Saturday night with my Best friend's to celebrate my cousin Lacey's 24th Birthday! After what was supposed to be a 15 minute wait for our table that turned into 2 hours we were FINALLY seated. Thank goodness I have a very good little boy and Best friend's who serve as 4 other Mama's to him! We had a great time and then we went back to Lacey's house  while the guys played cards and the girls had "Girl Talk."
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Brody loves to CHEESE!!

Me and Alyssa

Lacey and Morgan

Lacey and Travis

Brody was so excited to get his Mac-n-Cheese after waiting SO long! He ate the whole bowl!!

I seriously have the best friend's ever! I bring Brody with me EVERYWHERE, I hardly ever leave him. They know if they ask Me and Timmy to go that means Brody too. When we go it is like Brody has 4 different Mama's instead of one, and I hardly even have the chance to hold him. They all help me so much, even the guys too! Everyone loves Brody!!

Playing on the Ipad to keep busy..
 Brody playing with Lacey's hair

Birthday Girl!!


Annie said...

Looks like fun!! Brody is too cute!!

xoxo-Kristen said...

how sweet! i love lacey! i seen her not to long ago at bdubs.