Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sick Baby Boy

I have been up since 2:30 with a sick little boy. He went to bed fine but woke up about 2:00 pretty restless and couldn't get comfortable. He kept telling me that his mouth was hurting and the next thing I knew, he had thrown up. Bless his heart. I absolutly hate when my ltitle guy is sick and he is so pitiful when he "get's sick." We got up and came to the living room to our big comfy chair. He has gotten sick a few more times but has been sleeping on me for the last 2 hours. I CAN NOT sleep when he is sick, so I have been watching TV (nothing has been on but infomercials) and watching his every move. Hopefully it is just a little bug and he will be feeling better soon!!!

Looks like we are supposed to be getting more storms today, I am so over the rain! We have issues with our basement, it leaks water BAD, Monday we had about 8 inches in it. So My dad had some guys work on itand put some new pipes to drain outside and it still didn't really fix the problem, so all of this rain we are getting doesn't help!

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I will leave you with a few pictures my friend Brittany took of Brody!


Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

Awww :( Poor little guy! Hope he feels better soon. I absolutely hate when Davis is sick. Feels like there is nothing I can do to make him feel no one gets sleep! haha. He's getting so big! Those pics are adorable.

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Jessica said...

Poor thing! I hate he's sick. Hopefully he will start feeling better soon. Those are great pictures of your little man!

Momma Wilson said...

Poor sweet boy, hoping he feels better soon!

Rosie said...

Poor little man! I'm sorry you are having to deal with a sick kiddo! I know how tiring it can be. I can't sleep either when mine is sick.
Hopefully your basiment gets fixed asap!
And I LOVE the third pic on here of Brody. It's timeless!

Brittney said...

All 3 of mine are sick right now, so I feel your pain! :( We had a lot of leakage in our basement and we put in a french drain along the side of our house, and built a covered patio off the back of the house. We're so lucky that we haven't had a single drop in there since doing that (especially since we were flooded BAD this week). Hopefully you can figure out something that works for you!

Anonymous said...

Hope he feels better! He get cuter and cuter everytime i see new pics of him!

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