Thursday, May 26, 2011

The beach is calling my name!

Today is the day... we are leaving for vacation!!! So excited! I may post while I am gone, but probably not, so expect a Vacation update with lots of pictures when I return!! The beach is calling my name!!! Me & Timmy are not very good at keeping surprises from each other, ever. We cave, we always give in and tell the other person, we just can't help it. Well my husband definitely surprised my big time yesterday!!!!! Don't have time to give alot of details but let me just say......I was super surprised and shocked.. and happy oh and excited!!!:) Long story short... I had sent me engagement ring and wedding band off to be re-dipped and sottered together and when he picked it up and brought the ring box home.... it wasn't my set in the box!!!!!

My adorable new house flag! I love it! Not a great picture these were all taken with my Iphone.
My sweet boy who loves to golf
My new garden flag
I remember the day this diving board used to be filled up with girls (I have 3 sisters) and now it is all boys, we need  a little girl at the end of that line of boys :) It has been too long!
My Boys!
Me and Brody Luke going out on a date! (With Timmy of course )
He melts my heart
Brody saw me and Timmy laying out while he was playing at the pool so he decided he would get some sun too! Too cute!


Shelli Ryan said...

He is so cute laying out! Have fun on you're vacation!

Jessica said...

I LOVE that flag!! Have fun on vacation! Ok, so let's see what was in that box!!!! :)

jenn said...

Brody looks like he is getting so the new flags

Anonymous said...

I love love love the flags! I can't wait for the beach either! I'm leaving in a week!

Melissa said...

Enjoy your vacation!! I love your new flag too!

Lauren said...

so cute! I can't wait to see pictures from your trip and to see what was in your box!