Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I am Loving Wednesday

Linking up with Jamie for What I am Loving Wednesday!

--I am loving that I  have 2 good friends that have just recently found out they are Pregnant, yay!! One is pregnant for the 1st time and the other is pregnant with her 2nd!! So excited for the both of them!

-- I am loving that our beach vacation is in the single digits... 8 DAYS!! I am praying for beautiful, warm weather!! I can't wait to just relax and spend time making memories with my family!! I love family vacation!!

-- I am loving that my cousin/Best Friend Lacey's wedding! It will be here so soon!! June 11th to be exact. So excited and happy for her and Travis! Can't wait! She will be a beautiful bride! I am her matron of honor!! My sister's and I will be working hard the work before to make her day perfect!!

-- I am loving my new outdoor flag that I got over the weekend!! You will love it too! Once I get it hung up I will take a picture and show you all!!!! It has been cold and rainy and I am waiting for a pretty day. Yes I know I could hang it in the rain but it is just so cute, so I think it needs to be hung on a pretty day..haha

--I am loving my precious sweet baby boy!!!! Seriously, he melts my heart. He is my best friend.

-- I am loving my wonderful husband! He works so hard for myself Brody and he is just wonderful!! I am so very thankful for what a wonderful husband and father he really is.

--I am loving our small group that has been meeting on Wednesday's!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!!!!


Brittany said...

Yeah for the beach!

Jessica said...

Can you take me with you to the beach?? ;) I can't wait to see that flag!

Rosie said...

I like this post! So jealous you are going to the beach.
And great picture of you and your hubby!