Friday, July 15, 2011

Fishing, Swimming,& A Haircut

We have been busy this week doing all sorts of fun things, so busy that I haven't even had my camera out. So these pictures are from my Iphone, thank goodness for technology!

Brody loves getting haircut's, he seriously would get one everyday.
 Brody is obsessed is fishing. He goes to bed talking about it, and wakes up first thing in the morning wanting to fish. We go about 3-4 times a day. Thank goodness we have a pond in the backyard.

Swimming with Uncle Titus
 Hanging out, throwing rocks & fishing, of course.

Napping with Daddy

After his big boy haircut

Getting a new fishing pole. I'm telling you he is going to be a pro fisherman one day.
 Fishing.. Fishing.. Fishing..
 And some more fishing....

Went to Greenbo with some friends to the kiddie pool
 Digging for some worms

Hanging out with Gage


Annie said...

Brody looks so cute with his big boy haircut!!

Jessica said...

He does look so old with that haircut! What a cutie! Him & Riley need to hang out & go fishing! Riley loves it too!