Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just because.....

Seems like I haven't been blogging much and I feel like I have so much to say but then again I don't. Now does that really make much sense? Not really, but that's how I am sometimes!! Here in a few weeks my blog is going to have a new look and I can't wait, I am ready!!! Just because today I am going to do bullets..because I can.

-- My hair is in desperate need of some love right now... majorly. I have an appointment Thursday morning at 9:00. thanks goodness!!

--Thursday is the Hub's 26th Birthday, did we start dating when he was 20? WOW. Not sure what I am going to do for his actual birthday just yet. I ordered him a few presents and they came early and he found them, of course. We never have surprises.

-- Friday we are going to stay the night with my sister Tisha and BIL Matt in NKY with the family to celebrate Timmy's Birthday. We have reservations Friday night at Boi Na Braza, it is a Brazilian steakhouse.. delicious, amazing. Then Saturday we are going to Bass Pro Shop. This is what Timmy wanted to do for his birthday, his wish is granted.

-- I have been thinking that my sweet precious little Brody is never going to want to potty train, he is just not interested. I have tried several times and he just doesn't want to. The past few weeks he has been obsessed with his speedos (undies) and he always wants to wear them swimming instead of trunks. So the last 2 days he has decided he wants to be a big and wear his undies. We have yet to make it in the potty but the floor numerous times but if he wants to wear them, eventually he will go to the potty, maybe.

-- I love summer, love it. I love the heat and the pool.. but I hateto say it but I think I am ready for some cooler weather, not cold but just a bit cooler. I know once it cooler I will be wishing it were warmer, I'm a woman.

-- Brody is waking from a nap and Timmy will be home from work soon so I better get off of here and do my duties :)


Jessica said...

Been missing ya girl! I have a hair appointment Thursday too! I am loooong overdue for one!

Joanna D. said...

I luuurrve your curly hair!!! Of course girls who have straight hair want curly hair (vice versa).......we always want what the other has!!!