Thursday, July 21, 2011

Paige's Pastime Review

I know there are so many of us that just love ETSY, and we love finding out about new shops and the great item's they have to offer. Today I am featuring an adorable shop called Paige's Pastime. This shop has so many cute personalized items from vinyl wall clings, personalized tumbler's, personalized pail's and so much more! Head on over to Paige's Pastime and check it out, you will love it!!!

I am doing a review of an item I received and I absolutely love it!! I was sent a Carrier/Tray for whatever I like. I have used it for veggies , fruit, and chips and dip and it is great! Not only is it so cute with the polka dots and my monogram and the adorable leopard ribbon, but it is really handy to have! I was so pleased with this adorable item!

I asked the owner to tell me more about her shop and how she got started and this is what she said.... I guess the jist of it would be that I have always had a "thing" for personalized items, whether it was a name, initial, or 3-letter initial. When I was young, I used to feel so special when I had something with my name or initial on it. Now that our children have left home and completed college (oh, and by the way...they are 23 ,24 and 26!), I wanted to do something I've wanted to for a long long time...start my own business! I've been doing personalized items for a long time, but didn't really put all my efforts into it until my children "left the nest"....I felt like the most important thing I could do for my children while they were home was to BE THERE FOR THEM when they needed me, not have my head buried in an embroidery machine or in a computer designing and creating. Our daughter's room quickly became my "studio"...and I guess, as they say, "the rest is history". I wake up every morning excited to get started on new projects and order and often times, my husband has to MAKE me come to bed at a decent hour! Of course, the holidays and special occasions are killers at times....once people find out what I do, they turn all of their gift buying over to purchasing my items. Someone once told me that I had a "passion for personalization"....and I told them "Yes, I do"...because my husband told me when I first started this business "do what you like and like what you do".....and I absolutely LOVE making things for people that will be come a one of a kind for them!

Here are some other things that are offered at Paige's Pastime. Head on over and check it out!!!!!


McKeever said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

cute stuff! Loving that shop!