Friday, September 30, 2011

20 Weeks

20 weeks with Roland Baby # 2

Size of baby:  Last week little baby boy was 11 ounces!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 15 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Yes Yes Yes! Just got some new clothes in that I ordered from Old Navy and I love them all!

Gender: It's a Boy!!
Movement:Yes! I love it! I love being able to feel my sweet baby boy! Lats night while laying in bed Timmy was able to to feel him kick for the first time too! So sweet!
Sleep: I have been sleeping pretty good this week!

What I miss: I miss not being able to sleep on my stomach!!!!

Cravings: Haven't really had any cravings this week..
Symptoms: I still have a few nausea spells every now if I haven't eaten and then and Charlie Horses also if I have been standing/walking alot my tail bone starts to hurt! Nothing I can't handle though:)

These pictures aren't the best quality but by the time Timmy gets home I always forget to have him take a picture for me. I need to get better about that! Oh and yes I dyed my hair dark.. you can't tell alot by the pictures but I do it about one a year in the fall, I'm already ready for more blonde!

We have a name!!!! We have finally decided on a name for our sweet baby boy!!! I will post it later!!


Momma Wilson said...

you look great!!! I can't wait to hear what his name will be:)

Jessica said...

You look adorable! I like the dark hair too! Ahh can't wait to hear his sweet name!!!!