Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Weekend

We have had a great weekend spending time with family and friends and enjoying this cool fall weather!

Brody absolutely LOVES getting his hair cut, loves it. Every time Timmy gets a hair cut Brody insists that he gets one too. On Friday evening we went for Timmy to get a hair cut and we were going to wait a little longer for Brody but he said, "Dad my hair looks ugly, I really need a hair cut." It was too funny and too cute so he got a hair cut too. He sits perfectly still and once they are done and turn him to the mirror he smiles and grins and is so proud!!!

After hair cuts on Friday we went to Buffalo Wild Wing's to meet up for dinner with our friends Andrea, Tommy and Gage!

Hunting season is in so that means on the weekends Timmy is usually hunting, so that means girl time! Yesterday he went hunting with Ryan and Travis so the wives's went shopping of course! Me, Lacey, Morgan and Brody went shopping and had a great day! Brody loved getting to see the Chik-Fil-A Cow! After shopping we went out and met the guys at Ryan and Morgan's and we cooked supper and played some games! I have to brga on Brody just a bit... he is doing a great job potty training and has had no accidents! He tells me when he needs to go and even being gone all day yesterday, he did awesome!!!!

Today we went to church and then went to Sakura to celebrate Titus' Birthday (The fam all celebrated yesterday in Lexington, but we didn't go..) and now we resting and having a lazy afternoon!!

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Jessica said...

He is such a big boy! Happy Birthday to your brother!!