Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Tuesday Thoughts....

My Tuesday Thoughts....

-- The Hubby had to go on a little business trip so Brody and I took him to the airport early this morning. Poor little Brody got sick 2 times on the way, but seems to be better now. He slept the whole way home and has been fine since and has been eating. Thought it was a bug or maybe he just got car sick ( doubt it, he never does)?

--Not a good feeling when your husband texts you and tell you that his flight is delayed because they can't find anyone to fly the plane, then proceeds to tell me once they do that the pilot looks about the age of my younger brother (14) plus the plan is overloaded and overweight, he wanted to bail right then and there. He made it safely to point B, and is waiting on his next flight.

-- I am really wanting to put up my Christmas decorations!! I am making myself wait though until Thanksgiving Day and then I am blaring the Christmas Music and going to get my decorating on!

-- I am so ready for Hudson Trent to get here!!! It will be here before I know it and my life will once again change completely but I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!

-- I have been craving ICE like crazy, as a matter of fact I am chomping on some now and would realy love a big cup of sonic ice right now. My DR. called on Friday and my Glucose was good but my hemoglobin was low (iron) that tells me why I've been craving Ice.

Now I am going to dump all kinds of Iphone Pictures..........

My sweet boy!

I think I forgot to post but my sweet sister Lindsey got engaged 2 weeks ago when she and Robert went on a trip to Cali!! I am so excited and happy for them! He helped a jeweler out of Lexington make her ring and it is a natural Sapphire and it is just gorgeous! He even made the cute box it was in!

My husband has a problem... he takes a bottle of water to bed almost every night and never drinks it all or throws it away.. I let it go to see how long it would take for him to throw one away. He never did.. I did.

Too cute! My 3 boys in their matching PJ's from Gram!

Friday night was the Blue & White Basketball game and my brother in Law had these awesome Titus Head's made for the boys to hold at his ballgames, they were a hit!
Brody going to Gram's house with his backpack of hot rod's in the back, of course. He takes his backpack of hot rod's every where we go!!

My Two Boys!
27 Weeks!


Mrs. Mama said...

sorry to hear about sick little brody! congrats to your sister!

Paige said...

I hope little Brody is feeling better and your husband has a safe trip! I love Hudson's name and can only imagine just how excited you are for his arrival! You look adorable! Sorry I've been a bad blogger friend lately, it's been a hectic time adjusting to two kiddos =)

Ashley said...

You have won my Christmas card giveaway! Please e-mail me at Stealing_Baby_Kisses@yahoo.com