Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Randoms

Thursday Randoms...

--Over the weekend we went to Buy Buy Baby and test drove several strollers, including all 3 doubles that I liked. I decided againist a double and went with another Chicco Travel System. I'm really happy with our decision!

-- I am 25 weeks pregnant today, wow!

-- I had a lady come and paint in Brody and Baby #2's room and it looks so good! I will take pictures and post! The nursery is almost complete, just need to add a few more touches.

-- Brody is so cute and he says the funniest things. Last night while laying in bed and watching my belly as the baby was kicking and moving all over the place, Brody started saying he had a baby in his belly and it was kicking too.

-- I can't believe it is already November!!! Thanksgiving and then Christmas... it will be here so soon!!

-- Not much to say today just a litte random and boring!

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Anonymous said...

i'm loving the car seat and stroller! Yay for 25 weeks!