Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Parade & Santa

On Saturday we went to our hometown Christmas Parade where Brody got to ride in a firetruck through the parade, throwing out candy. He absolutely loved it and thought it was the most wonderful thing he could have ever done.  He got to visit with all of the horses and mules and get up close and personal. Once he got off the firetruck he watched the end of the parade as the hot-rod's went by and they all threw him candy and he loved that!
After the parade we went to my Aunt and Uncle's grocery store to see Santa and Mrs. Clause. Brody loves Santa and this was his first time seeing Mrs. Clause and I think he may have even liked her more. He has already saw Santa 3 times this year ( I've yet to post the pictures) but it is so magical and sweet each time he has seen him!
We had a wonderful weekend! Can't believe Christmas is just around the corner!!!


Brandi said...

How fun! I'm assuming that your aunt and uncle live in a small town; I wish we did!! I love the small hometown feeling!!!! Can u believe your baby is about to be 3!!! Crazy!!!!!!

Mrs. Mama said...

oh my, that looks like a BLAST! I wish we had a parade around here.. maybe we do and i just don't know about it!