Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Week

I haven't really had my camera out this week so here is what we have been doing this week with pictures from my iPhone. We have had a fun week not doing a whole lot. The weather here in KY has been pretty and fairly warm (68 degrees yesterday) but back to being cold today! We have played outside, ran errands, baked Christmas cookies with my sister and cousin, had a baby Dr check up, church, play practice, etc. I can't believe Christmas is next weekend, I can't wait!!

Brody has been into army guys this last week. He carries them around in a little box and loves playing with them and lining them up.

Napping with Aunt Les
Playing with Aunt Les

 Brody found Ya-Ya reading his Christmas book
He also found him hanging out with his Nutcracker's

Brody's new favorite thing to do is take all of the cushions and pillows off of the couch's and chairs and pile them in the floor s he can play "Wipeout."

Our Christmas play at church is on Sunday and I can't wait to see how Brody does. He loves practicing with the big boys and takes it very serious.

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