Sunday, January 15, 2012

Life as we know it......

Life as we know it.......

A lot of changes and new things have been going on around our house and with our family, all for the better :) The hubby has been promoted to a manager and has a lot of training he has to do, so he has been and will be traveling between Jacksonville & Atlanta for the next several ( and I mean SEVERAL) weeks. It is hard while he is gone because Brody and I miss him a lot but he is home on the weekends, for about a day. A day is better than none. We live right beside my parents and they are always there to help me if I need it or if something is wrong, or just to keep my mind off of things. Oh and yes I am still pregnant ( getting ready to hit 36 weeks, woo hoo) and the hubby is gone during the week. If/when I go into labor I will call him right away and he can leave and we HOPE he can make it before the birth. We talked to my Dr and if Hudson has not made his arrival on his own by Feb. 9th, she will put me in that night and Timmy can head home and once he is here she will start the induction process. So we are in the middle of one big change (hubby's job) and soon will have another (addition to our family) and I couldn't feel more blessed and excited.

Brody playing with his Engine that Grandpa and Gram got his for Christmas!

Brody loves going into Hudson's room and getting into his crib, swing, bassinet, bouncy, etc and acting like he is a baby, uh-oh.

Brody playing with his little mini sandbox, he loves it!

Not sure if I had said much but our good friends Morgan & Ryan were expecting their first child a month before us and she arrived this past week. She is such a beautiful little doll!! Little Miss Abby! I think that Hudson & Brody may fight over her. So happy for our sweet friends as they will be wonderful parents!!!!

Timmy & Brody meeting Abby for the 1st time!

Brody was so sweet with her and just loved her. I think he will be a great big brother!!

Brody, Me, Abby, & Hudson :)

We finally got a little bit of snow on Thursday and Brody was so excited! He has been talking about making a snow angel for quite some time now, so I am glad he finally got the chance. He wouldn't even get out of his PJ's. A few snow angels and he was back inside where it was warm!

My lack of posting this week mostly results in the fact that I let Timmy take our laptop with him while he is away and our Internet was not working right... I have an iPad for basic browsing ( not good at posting from it) and then my brother has let me borrow his MacBook Pro and for all of your Apple lovers I hate to say this but I am just not a fan!!!!! I think I will be going out this week and buying myself a new laptop... I like my HP :)

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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xoxo-Kristen said...

can not believe he is 3.. ahh where does the time go