Sunday, February 5, 2012

Phone Dump Sunday

I have been slacking in the blog posting department, had a busy week! Hudson has still not made his arrival (I've tried everything) so if he doesn't come this week he will be here
sometime next week for sure, maybe my Valentine's Present?? Timmy was home for the weekend and has already had to leave out again. Tonight we are going to my cousin Lacey's for a little Superbowl get together and over to my parents. I haven't taken alot of pictures with my camera lately but always snap pictures with my phone, so here is a phone dump of what we have been up to this last week and weekend (pictures are all out of order).

Resting on the couch with my two babies! Can't wait for Hudson to be on my chest and Brody on my side!!

Playing games at Mr. Gattis! Brody loves going to Mr. Gattis, we usually go about once a date. It is a special little treat for us!

Brody Luke in his new hat and jersey his daddy brought him home !

My little handy man while Daddy is away!

My Boys!!

He was exhausted! This is how he fell asleep at my parents the other evening!

Working out..

He loves his little "Hudson" baby.....He will randomly get it and carry it around and take care of it.

It is a thing with Brody and Timmy that if he is good throughout the week once Daddy gets home for the weekend he will bring Brody a special little present... this weekend it was a Alabama hat and Jersey!

Every night at bedtime we do our nightly routine and then Brody plays a few games or watches a cartoon on my Ipad, he often falls asleep with it. Look how big he looks in his footed pajamas!!! Love it.

Brody was so excited to see that "Sunshine" the cat came back for a visit. He kept saying,
"Sunshine I was so worried about you."


Brandi said...

Only a few more days, woohoo!!! Love the top pic, presh! Brody has gotten huge!!!!!!

Baby Momma said...

Oh girl! I bet you are READY for that boy to be here! I'm only 30 weeks and I can't WAIT to get this baby out! haha!

Anonymous said...

Oh I thought forsure he'd be here by now, praying for a healthy delivery and baby!

Meant to be a mom said...

I bet your exhausted. Your so busy and doing it without your hubs. Whew. Good for you!
Brody is getting so big and is just adorable as always. I'm glad your doing good. Praying for you and your sweet baby to have a great delivery.