Monday, February 20, 2012

Hudson's Birth Story

Hudson's Arrival

Has it already been a week since we welcomed swete baby Hudson into our family? Time is already flying by! I feel like I have been living in a dream the last week. I had a wonderful labor and delivery, I didn't even have a recovery ( I felt/feel that great), I have a healthy sweet baby boy, Brody is a wonderufl big brother, a wonderful husband, and amazing family and friends... I have truly felt blessed!!!!!

This is the Sunday (2-12-12) before I went in for induction, Brody was giving his baby brother kisses!!

We had all been anticipating the arrival of sweet Hudson, I had been dilated a 3-4 and 75% effaced for about 2 weeks and having irregular contractions but he just was not wanting to come on his own. My DR said she would induce anytime after 39 weeks if I wanted, and I am sorry but I am impatient plus I was miserable so of course I said YES! I turned 39 weeks on the 10th and my DR was on vacation that week so we decided on the 13th!

Right before we left for the hospital on 2-13-12

I didn't sleep hardly at all on Sunday night due to my excitement and I hadn't been sleeping well the last few months anyway due to pregnancy. I woke up at 5:00 so I could take my time getting ready and make sure I had everything ready to go so that we could be at the hospital at 7:00. My mom came over and got in bed with Brody so we didn't have to wake him up. We got to the hospital at 7:00 and got checked in and settled into a room (3003) to get things started. I got lucky and got two wonderful nurses Jo and Marissa who made me feel so comfortable and who were just awesome! It was around 9:15 that they had gotten all my IV's started and they started the pitocin. I was dilated a 4 and 75 % effaced at this point. The contractions started and were not very painful at all, I have a very high pain tolerance. I knew this time that I wanted to make sure and get an epidural before it was too late and the pain was too intense (which is what I did with Brody and it was too late once I got the epidural, it didn't take, I was ready to push and felt it all.) They turned my pitocin up and I started to feel the contractions more but were still not what I would consider painful, just a little uncomfortable. I decided to go ahead and ask for the epidural so I knew that I got it. Got the epidural which didn't hurt at all but I will say I didn't really like the way it made me feel. I didn't feel the contractions which was awesome but it made me feel so tingly and sluggish all over.
Once I got the epidural I was checked again and was a 5-6 85% effaced and they decided to break my water. A resident DR broke my water but nothing came out, she said that was fine and that it was probably all behind the baby. After that I decided to try and rest a bit and took a nap. My nurse Jo came in and said she wanted me to get on my left side to see if we could get things moving, it wasn't 10 minutes after I had gotten on my side that I started feeling pressure. Sure enough the resident DR came in and checked me and I was a 10 and 100% effaced. They paged my DR and started getting the room ready. It wasn't painful what I could feel just pressure. Once my DR got in the room and everything was ready they put me on my back and it was time to start pushing!!!!!!! With ONLY 4 pushes ( couldn't believe that) Hudson Trent had made his arrival!!!! I knew he was going to be a big boy... he was 9 lb and 2 oz and 21 inches long!!!!! He was bruised quite a bit and swollen when he came out, DR said it was where he came so fast. He also swallowed quite a bit of fluid where it was all behind him, but was very strong and healthy!!!! I had a wonderful labor and delivery and my heart just melted as soon as I laid my eyes on my sweet baby boy!! What a gift from God!

Right after he was born my family all came into the room and Brody got to meet his baby brother! What a moment that was, seeing my first born meet his baby brother. I couldn't believe I now had two precious healthy baby boys!!

I couldn't have asked for a better labor and delivery or recovery. I was able to get up once my epidural had wore off and didn't have much pain at all. The worst of my pain was the cramping and I also had a little pain in my back from the epidural. I have not had to lay around or anything and have felt awesome!! I had a good pregnancy but I felt so much better right after. No more heart burn, pelvic/hip pain, acid reflux, or a 9 lb baby in my belly!!

I am so thankful for my awesome labor, delivery, recovery and most of all........ Hudson Trent!!!!!!!!


Our Family of Four said...

Sounds like a great labor experience! I am glad everything went so well- and you have 2 absolutely perfect little boys! Congrats!

Jessica Hudson said...

Thank God for great deliveries! I'm so happy for you. Tyler was 9 lbs. and I actually loved it. You look beautiful. Congratulations on your amazing little family. xo

Robyn Beele said...

I am so glad everything went so smoothly. I HOPE my second delivery is just like that!

Baby Momma said...

What a blessing! Not only your new baby boy, but also to have such an easy labor and delivery!! I can only hope for the same thing! I LOVE reading birth stories now that I'm anticipating my own! Enjoy your time with the new addition!!! You guys look so happy!

Mrs. Mama said...

Big congrats mama on a safe and smooth delivery, and a healthy beautiful baby boy1!! love all the pics!

Jessica said...

So glad everything went smoothly & now you have your sweet baby in your arms! I know Brody is loving it too!

Mama Laughlin said...

So precious!!!
Glad to hear you had an easy delivery! (those are the BEST!)
You looked beautiful and Hudson is such a cutie!!!
Congrats to you all!!!

Danielle said...

aww congrats!! i love your gown & your headband!! beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

welcome hudson! and congrats to your family and big brother brody! wonderful gift!

Sarah said...

:)!!! He is so sweet

The Morrows said...

Congrats! This is precious.

Kaytee said...

YAY!!! xo

Kim said...

What a beautiful birth story! I absolutely love that second picture of you and Hudson!!
Brody is going to be a great big brother. Im glad everything is going well, you look Amazing!

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