Monday, March 12, 2012

One Month

Happy One Month Hudson Trent!!!

It is hard to believe that Hudson is already one month old, this month has flown by! My life has changed so much in the past month but only for the better. Brody was my pride and joy and I loved being his mother, having two is even more amazing! I am so blessed to have two healthy, beautiful boys!!!!

Hudson is a great baby!! He is so sweet and so precious and very rarely cries, only when he is hungry or wet. He sleeps great (right under my armpit and occasionally in his bassinet) and only wakes once a night usually between 5-6. He nurses like a champ and hasn't had any problems which is why he is already weighing around 12 lbs!!!! He is wearing size one in diapers and 0-3 months in clothes and still able to wear some newborn. Brody is great with him, such an awesome big brother! Very protective and loving and hasn't been jealous one time!

Happy One Month Hudson!!!!


Brandi said...

Sweet big boy!! How do u sleep when he's right in your arm??? I need my kids, hubs, dogs, anything near me when I sleep!!!!! I turn into a crabby patty if I don't get my sleep..hehe!!!! Glad your little Hudson is a good baby, makes life easier!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lea, he is such a beautiful baby!!! Congrats!!!!!!

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